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thomas iglesias (he/him & they/them) is a queer, brazilian-swiss immigrant living in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (commonly known as edmonton, ab, canada)

thomas holds a bachelor of arts from the university of alberta, where he graduated in sociology and global & development studies. thomas works with queer and trans health promotion, advocating for lgbtq2s+ population's access to equitable and just healthcare

thomas illustrates, edits, directs, and models in different projects that focus on queer and trans identities. thomas tries to bring to the centre of his work a celebration of identity, resilience, and most importantly, resistance

most colours represented in the works of this website have been digitally extracted from landscapes familiar to thomas' life. you'll mostly find colours of Rio de Janeiro's ocean, Edmonton garden flowers, and beach days.

all prints are for sale

for any print requests, or collaborations, please email thomasigle@gmail.com